Emma Durham aspires to be a full-time erotic romance author, but her sex scenes leave a lot to be desired. She knows that’s due to a severe lack of quality experience. In order to refresh her muse, she visits an old friend in a small town with a wild past.

Her friend introduces her to Ben Serano, whose standoffishness strikes her as rude at first. But something about his quiet intensity draws her in. When he learns of her creative problem, he volunteers to be her solution. His ferocious sexual inventiveness ignites her writing and her desire for more.

Word around town says he is a dangerous man to get involved with. But the rumors don’t match up with the man she is coming know, especially after he reveals an unexpected tender side. Then a man from Ben’s past accuses him of murder, and Emma is left to decide who to believe.

Everything in her wants to trust Ben, but how well does she really know him?
Being stalked from town to town by an unstable ex-boyfriend means demure bookworm Mina Roper is used to keeping a low profile. But after a coworker brings her to an underground boxing competition, shy Mina falls deeply in lust with gorgeous fighter Tyler Serano. The problem? She’s convinced he’s hopelessly out of her league.

Tyler knows his matches are brutally violent, so why does this sweet, subdued beauty keep showing up to watch them week after week? Despite his overwhelming fear of commitment, Tyler’s innocent curiosity evolves into a hot, all-consuming attraction.

Just when it looks like happily ever after might be possible, Mina’s past catches up to her and she’s forced to make a tough choice. Follow her usual escape strategy – or risk it all for a new kind of life with Tyler.
Relentless Liberation is the first book in the Serano Brothers sensuous contemporary romance series. If you like sexy alpha males who talk dirty, raw emotions and steamy love scenes then you’ll love this debut novel by L.J. Fine.

My mind is always percolating with new ideas that sometimes lead me off into the wonderland of my imagination.  To the outside world it may look like I’m staring blankly off into space but what I’m really doing is building new universes and weaving the fate of my characters, conquering their demons and showing them how to fall in love.


I’ve been quite busy playing the architect of these worlds and there is a lot coming your way in 2018.  Here is a snap shot of what I’ve been working on and a little preview of the new stories and characters that live inside my head…




The Next Book In The Serano Brothers Series

The thread of the conversation was lost on Emma when Ben made his way back to the fire to sit near their little group. He didn’t speak to anyone and her curiosity ignited once more. She didn’t know why, but his stillness and appearance of solitude in a crowd full of people enthralled her. What had made him this way, so standoffish? Obviously, it wasn’t a family trait as his brothers appeared happy and well adjusted. There was a story there. She could feel it...


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