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The thread of the conversation was lost on Emma when Ben made his way back to the fire to sit near their little group. He didn’t speak to anyone and her curiosity ignited once more. She didn’t know why, but his stillness and appearance of solitude in a crowd full of people enthralled her. What had made him this way, so standoffish? Obviously, it wasn’t a family trait as his brothers appeared happy and well adjusted. There was a story there. She could feel it.

The shadowed light of the fire danced over his features. That strong jaw with just a touch of dark stubble. Those almost obscenely full lips and dark eyes that appeared black and fathomless. In that moment he looked like Lucifer himself sitting across from her, tempting and evil, staring solemnly into the flames of the fire-pit. And it was then, with no small amount of alarm, that she became cognizant of the fact that she had never been more attracted to a person in her entire life.

When Ben’s head snapped in her direction as though he’d been startled, she once again began to take notice of the other people around her and caught the tail end of what Chloe had been saying.

“…severe lack of quality orgasms are cutting off her creative flow.”

Wait, what was that now?

With dawning horror she realized, too late, that Chloe had been telling the whole world Emma’s real reasons for coming to visit. Okay, so maybe not the whole world but anyone other than Chloe knowing was one person too many. Let alone Ben knowing. Because oh yeah, in addition to Mina and Kim, he’d heard her.

This was Chloe’s grand strategy? To just lay it all out there for public consumption? Wow, she’d forgotten how tactless Chloe could actually be. Now all she wanted to do was let the ground open up and swallow her whole.

Especially when Ben looked at her pensively and uttered maybe the longest sentence to pass his lips all night, “What, your city boys can’t satisfy you?”

Good Lord, please just take me now and get it over with. What the hell was she supposed to even say to that?

In the end it didn’t matter because before she could utter a word, Chloe cut her off at the pass. “I personally think it’s just men in general. Well, except my man of course,” she smiled sweetly at Brian who seemed oblivious. Looking back at Ben she cocked an eyebrow. “You think you can do any better?”

Sinfully dark eyes met Emma’s before his gaze slowly roamed over the length of her body. Down then back up causing tingling goose bumps to form on her skin. Then, what she was coming to believe was a rare smile, tilted the corners of his lips.

“Hell yeah, I can,” he all but growled. The deep sound sent a flood of moisture between her legs and she swallowed hard.

Just as the implications of his words started to sink in, Chloe once again interjected on her behalf without consulting her.

“Prove it, then. And since she needs inspiration that lasts, you have to make it diverse. Switch it up in a bunch of different ways so that her…stories,” a mischievous grin split her lips, “don’t ever get stale.”

Emma would have then turned to her so-called friend to gape in outraged shock if she hadn’t seen the dark light glittering in Ben’s eyes as he put his beer to his lips.

“I’ll take that bet,” he said after a slow swallow then licked his lips. “And don’t worry, Sugar, I can make it last.”

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