The Serano Brothers


Each one of these mouth-watering brothers gets his own story told.  Fun fact about these guys: I had never intended to make this a series.  When I wrote Tyler and Mina’s story my editor at the time fell in love with the whole Serano clan.  It’s been a lot of fun fleshing these brothers out, learning who they are and what makes them tick.  I hope you enjoy reading about them as much as I enjoyed writing their stories!


The Artist's Provocateur: Book 3 –  Adam's Story

High school art teacher, Marie O’Shea has only ever wanted two things.  The first is to teach her students to master their chosen crafts and watch them flourish once they leave her classroom.  The second is to blow the competition out of the water this year with her painting at the annual exhibit and auction at the local art museum.  Never, in all her years living in the small town of Allensville, had she meant to pique the interest of the most promiscuous of the Serano brothers: her obnoxious jerk of a neighbor, Adam.  But now that she’s inadvertently caught his attention, she just can’t shake him.

Adam Serano’s devil-may-care attitude and insane good looks have women coming and going from his apartment like a revolving door.  What people think about him, and his life choices has never bothered him, so why Marie’s low opinion of him gets under his skin, he can’t say.  He made a promise to himself a long time ago that he would never let himself get more involved with a woman beyond the intimacy of one night.  Despite this, Marie’s quick wit as they trade insults, and her seeming immunity to his charm, has him craving her time and attention.

When Adam inexplicably pops up, almost everywhere she goes, Marie’s barriers against him start to wear thin.  All their bickering only enflames the attraction between them and, eventually, they can deny it no longer.  As she grows close to him, Marie comes to learn that Adam’s flippant attitude about the world around him is just armor.  Underneath is a man that she could very much fall for.  But when a painful visitor from his past shows up after a nearly twenty-year absence, old wounds are opened, and she starts to doubt that Adam will ever be able to open himself up enough to let her love him.


Sexy New Paranormals

My favorite question to ask myself is: What if?  I love writing about what could be.  About things that belong in our world but are just slightly...off.  There is something so appealing about a dangerous, preternatural alpha male who will do anything for his lady.  The following book, The Remedy, is one such story and is the next of my books in line to be released!

The Remedy

Tristan Kane, son of the High Vampire Magistrate, has wondered a little too far off the beaten path this time, and now he's screwed.  Becoming addicted to human blood is considered to be the most deplorable of statuses in the vampire social hierarchy.  What's worse is that vampire venom is highly addictive to humans, creating a dangerous co-dependent relationship between the species.  Unlike his father, Tristan doesn't give a damn about social standing.  He just wants the constant burning in his veins to stop.  The problem is that nothing he's tried so far has even come close to easing the ache.

Until he meets Katherine Quinn, the only human he's ever encountered who is immune to the effects of venom.

Kat has been pulling her younger sister, Meri, out of the fire since the day Meri hit puberty and locked eyes with her first looser boyfriend.  When Meri's latest low-life turns out to be a vampire who gets her hooked on venom, Kat is a little out of her depth.  Even more baffling, vampire glamour and venom have no effect on Kat.  She has no idea what makes her such an anomaly, but when the dangerously seductive Tristan makes her a deal, there is no way she can refuse...


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