The Serano Brothers


Each one of these mouth-watering brothers gets his own story told.  Fun fact about these guys: I had never intended to make this a series.  When I wrote Tyler and Mina’s story my editor at the time fell in love with the whole Serano clan.  It’s been a lot of fun fleshing these brothers out, learning who they are and what makes them tick.  I hope you enjoy reading about them as much as I enjoyed writing their stories!



Seduced by the Anti-Hero: Book 2 – Ben’s Story


Emma Durham aspires to be a full-time erotic romance author, but her sex scenes leave a lot to be desired.  She knows that’s due to a severe lack of quality experience.  In order to refresh her muse, she visits an old friend with a wild past.


Her friend introduces her to Ben Serano, whose standoffishness strikes her as rude.  But something about his quiet intensity draws her in.  When he learns of her creative problem, he volunteers to be her solution.  His ferocious sexual inventiveness ignites her writing and her desire for more.


Word around town says he is a dangerous man to get involved with.  But the rumors don’t match up with the man she is coming know, especially after he reveals an unexpected tender side.  Then a man from Ben’s past accuses him of murder, and Emma is left to decide who to believe.


Everything in her wants to trust Ben, but how well does she really know him?



Serano Brothers Novel Untitled: Book 3 – Adam’s Story – COMING SOON!


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